Trafo Filters

Automag AM32 Skid Magnetic Filter

Automated magnetic filter for high-volume wash systems

  • High-volume filter for large scale wash systems
  • Up to 4000 litres per minute flow rate
  • Ideal for automotive parts and auto body wash systems
  • Fine particle extraction performance
  • Removes fine residues on pre-paint applications

Automag AM32 - Removes residual ferrous particles on large wash systems

The Automag AM32 Skid is a fully automated self-purging filter capable of filtering high flow rates.


Widely used in car or other vehicle manufacturing lines, it is typically used on body wash systems or pre-paint preparation to remove fine ferrous particles or welding residue which may be left over from the manufacturing process.  It provides a higher level of filtration than typical  barrier filters such as paper, socks and cartridges, thereby ensuring  that parts and bodies are free from particles which may have an adverse effect during the painting process. 


Handling flow rates of up to 4000 litres per minute, the AM32 is ideal for continuous 24/7 operations. The automated clean  and fluid recovery unit ensures the filter can be pre-programmed  then function effectively with minimal operator intervention. Using the AM32 can significantly reduce the use of traditional barrier filters in multi-stage wash systems and reduce the risk of ferrous contamination  entering the paint process.


For smaller wash station applications see Filtramag+