Trafo Filters

MFS 6XSDU 9788

MFS 6XSDU 9788

The kleenoil Filter Cartridges are made of densely wound pure coniferous long fiber wood pulp paper and manufactured by kleenoil UK itself. The filter cartridges act both by Absorption and Adsorption” in a continuous recycling process.


The long fiber of the paper attracts the water formed either through the combustion process or by condensation and absorb it like a sponge, at the same time rejecting the large oil molecules, which are forced to pass between the tight winding of the cartridges.


As the oil passes through the cartridge, minute carbon, wear metals and silicon are extracted from the oil by adhering to any of the surfaces of the filter – a process known as adsorption.


The filter cartridge has an additional “Polypropylene disc” at the bottom to remove any particle that may pass through- offering a second stage of filtration.


It is generally recognized that water is an enemy of turbine lubricating oils. Water in oils impairs its lubricating properties and increases the rate of oxidization, develops sludge formation and causes costly corrosion to equipment. The Turbine Oil Filtration System obtains particulate < NAS 4 (ISO 15/13/10) and moisture < 200 ppm, Varnish removal and control. Suitable for : Governing and Lubricating Oil (FRF, Synthetic, Minerals and Others).