Trafo Filters

MFS 1XSDU 9788 with Magnetic Filter

MFS 1XSDU 9788 with Magnetic Filter

The kleenoil Filter Cartridges are made of densely wound pure coniferous long fiber wood pulp paper and manufactured by kleenoil UK itself. The filter cartridges act both by Absorption and Adsorption” in a continuous recycling process.


The long fiber of the paper attracts the water formed either through the combustion process or by condensation and absorb it like a sponge, at the same time rejecting the large oil molecules, which are forced to pass between the tight winding of the cartridges.


As the oil passes through the cartridge, minute carbon, wear metals and silicon are extracted from the oil by adhering to any of the surfaces of the filter – a process known as adsorption.


The filter cartridge has an additional “Polypropylene disc” at the bottom to remove any particle that may pass through- offering a second stage of filtration.


We designed our Dedicated Oil Filtration System for use as dedicated filtration equipment on sumps and reservoirs. These systems can accommodate a wide range of flow rates, always leaving the possibility of higher flow rates with custom orders.

Trap the iron that damages your tools

Magnet filters or fluid line filters reduces tool and work piece damage caused by ferrous metal chips, filings, and dust which get into coolant systems during burnishing, drilling, milling, grinding, broaching and other machining operations. They prevent ferrous particles from flowing into reservoir and back to the work piece. Less down time due to tool breakage. More work hours between tool reconditions. Ferrous materials and other suspended materials are automatically removed from the fluid, relatively dry.

Add the Micromag to the Kleenoil Micron Filtration system for ultimate oil cleansing

Magnetic Filtration (Contaminated Core)

The system Incorporates the most powerful, natural Rare Earth Magnetic material to produce extreme magnetic flux fields removing metal debris from the oil. 


With the convenient mount on the Kleenoil Unit the Micromag is easily viewed, whereby oil from the source is clearly seen passing through the pump into the magnetic core where all metal debris is visibly removed, then through into the Kleenoil Units where it continues to be ‘polished’. These systems are often used as a pre-filter to limit contaminants reaching subsequent filtration equipment.


Kleenoil Mag Filters are suitable for removing ferrous sludge and chips on both water soluble and neat oils. Typical applications are center less and heavy stock removal grinding machines, honing, gear cutting and chip-producing machinery.

The Magnetic Process (Cleaning Core)

Contaminated fluid enters the inlet to be equally dispersed via radial channels, thus slowing the fluid down to pass outside the centrally mounted ‘rare earth’ magnetic core. You will see the particle capture, as more particles attract to the core the magnetic flux circuit geometry generates a controlled build up of contamination, so ensuring that the filter will not block – the filtered fluid then flows through return slots through the center exiting via the outlet into the Kleenoil System.

The Magnetic Process (Cleaning Core)

The oil has been cleansed of all magnetic particulate, to be passed through the Kleenoil System, either in single, twin or four unit form, whereby all remaining contaminates are removed through cellulose media down to 1 micron relative as well as all water ( pump & motors are available 240v / 110v in any configuration of sizes to suit the application).